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 Damproofing Anodes  Damproofing Anodes

With the extensive use of commercially pure titanium with a platinum group element, ths ensures outstanding reliability and resistance to physical and chemical attack.

Product Code: ANODES Pack Size: 25

 Long Damproofing Anodes  Long Damproofing Anodes

As above but this is a specialist anode for walls over 2 feet thick.

Product Code: LONGANODES  Pack Size: 25

 Damproofing Crimp Connectors  Lectros Damproofing Crimp Connectors

Crimps are used to connect the plain titanium wire togther, and must be crimped properly to allow a current to travel between wires.

Product Code: CRIMPS Box Qty: 10 or 20

 Digital Power Unit  Lectros Digital Diagnostic Power Unit

A monitoring system which can monitor the current the system is taking as well as the bacl wall charge, this is an ideal unit for checking the performance of the system as well as giving up to date readings.

Product Code: DIGDIAGPU

 Lectros Power Unit  Lectros Power Unit

The heart of the system: The robust power unit is automatically adapted to the degree of dampness in the wall. The electrical voltage remains constant and this guarantees an optimal drying process.

Product Code: PUNITS

 Earth Rod and Clamp  Lectros Earth Rod and Clamp

The earth rod and clamp is used to create an earth for the Lectros system. The rod must be placed at least 1 metre away from the nearest anode.

Product Code: ERODCLAMP

 Plain Titanium Wire  Lectros Plain Titanium Wire (Per MT)

Can be used to bypass areas where anodes are not required such as door frames.

Product Code: PTW

 Earth Wire  Lectros Earth Wire (Per MT)

The earth wire is used to connect onto the earth rod and allows a current to travel to earth.

Product Code: EARTHWIRE

 Green Sleeving  Lectros Green Sleeving (Per MT)

The green sleeving is used to isolate the wire from electrical currents.


 Red Sleeving  Lectros red Sleeving (Per MT)

The red sleeving is used to isolate the wire from metallic fixtures


 Crimping Tool  Lectros Crimping Tool

The crimping tool is an essential part of the system designed to fit the crimps onto the titanium wire.

Product Code: CRIMPTOOL



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