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Lectros International,
Part of the Wykamol Group,
Unit 3 Boran Court,
Network 65 Business Park,
BB11 5TH

Tel: +44 (0)845 400 6666
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Data Protection & Privacy Policy


The purpose of this policy is to explain how Wykamol Group Limited collects protects and uses personal data. Wykamol Group Limited is committed to ensuring that any personal data supplied by its customers or is otherwise generated by its business activities is collected and processed fairly and lawfully in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

What Types Of Personal Data Does Wykamol Group Limited Collect?

Wykamol Group Limited needs certain personal data to enable it to provide its products and services to its customers and end users. The personal data collected will generally include: company name company size and sector individual contact names and job titles for delivery installation support and billing postal address elephone and fax numbers e-mail addresses. In certain circumstances Wykamol Group Limited may also collect financial information about Wykamol Group Limited customers and end users from third parties to enable Wykamol Group Limited to assess its risks in granting credit terms and contact information about organisations Wykamol Group Limited considers may be interested in Wykamol Group Limited products and services.

How Does Wykamol Group Limited Obtain Personal Data?

Wykamol Group Limited obtains personal data in a number of ways including from orders placed by customers and end users (whether by telephone fax or email or by application form) from enquiries made by existing customers and potential customers (including information gathered at marketing events and via the Wykamol Group Limited web site) and from third party list brokers from resellers who pass on personal data to Furness Internet about end users.

How Does Wykamol Group Limited Use The Personal Data That It Holds?

Providing and Improving the Wykamol Group Limited Service

Most of Wykamol Group Limited use of personal data is necessary to enable it to provide a service to its customers and its end users including order processing delivery installation and support services as well as for invoicing and in order to answer general customer enquiries. In addition Wykamol Group Limited may also use personal data to improve on the level and type of service Wykamol Group Limited offers to its customers. As part of this interest in improving the service provided Wykamol Group Limited may process personal data for the purposes of sales analysis and customer usage statistics.

Direct Marketing

Wykamol Group Limited may from time to time inform its customers end users and potential customers about Wykamol Group Limited products and services and other information Wykamol Group Limited feels may be of interest. Customers and other recipients of information from Wykamol Group Limited may indicate at the time they first place an order with Wykamol Group Limited whether or not they wish to receive such information or at any later time by simply contacting Wykamol Group Limited .

To Whom Does Wykamol Group Limited Disclose Personal Data?

Wykamol Group Limited will pass personal data within its internal departments in order to fulfil sales and support obligations as well as to finance departments to enable invoicing. As a general rule Wykamol Group Limited does not disclose personal data to unaffiliated third parties except where customer consent has been obtained where Wykamol Group Limited is under an obligation by law to disclose personal data or where Wykamol Group Limited has contracted with third parties to assist in providing services to Wykamol Group Limited customers such as for delivery installation and systems support services.

How Does Wykamol Group Limited Protect the Personal Data it Holds?

Wykamol Group Limited takes customer confidentiality and security very seriously. Wykamol Group Limited has implemented appropriate internal security procedures that restrict access to and disclosure of personal data within Wykamol Group Limited. These procedures will be reviewed from time to time to determine whether they are being complied with and are effective. Wykamol Group Limited will also actively investigate and cooperate with law enforcement agencies any allegations of abuse or violation of system or network security as set out in the applicable Wykamol Group Limited Acceptable Use Policy.

Customers Rights

European Economic Area legislation gives individuals whose personal data is held by Wykamol Group Limited specific rights to access and rectify personal data held about them. These include the right to: obtain from Wykamol Group Limited for a prescribed fee confirmation that personal data is held as well as a written description of such personal data the purpose(s) for which it is being used the source(s) of the personal data and details of any recipients request the deletion or rectification of personal data which is inaccurate as explained in Direct Marketing above to object to any unsolicited information sent by Wykamol Group Limited regarding promotions or new products and services.

Contact Details

If any individual wishes to contact Wykamol Group Limited regarding the personal data held about them or has any other question about Wykamol Group Limited data privacy procedures they should send a letter to the directors of Wykamol Group Limited.

Policy Updates

As part of Wykamol Group Limited commitment to compliance with data privacy requirements and to reflect changes in Wykamol Group Limited operating procedures Wykamol Group Limited may the terms of this policy from time to time and will post the revised policy on this website.


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