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Electro Osmotic Damp Proofing
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Latest News

Lectros reverses rising damp immediately and measurably

Unlike other DPC systems, the Lectros Osmotic Damp Proofing System starts to work immediately it is installed and powered up. Damp immediately starts to travel down the wall to the cathode and your building starts to dry out immediately.

The Digital Diagnostic Power UnitWith the installation of our monitoring unit, you can actually watch as your property dries out. Our monitoring Unit acts as a moisture meter. The monitoring unit measures the resistance of the electrical circuit in the same way a proprietry moisture meter works as well as the current through the circuit. The Lectros system is the only Damp Proof System which monitors it's own effectiveness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


As the principle of electro-osmosis states:

"when a controlled DC charge is applied to a damp porous substrate, moisture will flow from the anode to the cathode"

To see this in action please watch this video which fully demonstrates the effectiveness of the Lectros System. Lectros Osmotic DPC System Testing Video

The Lectros system has been used effectively since 1978 in well over 200,000 properties right across the globe. Lectros is the worlds leading green damp proofing system, is simple to install and COSHH free. Lectros ACTIVELY eliminates rising damp from your property.

For more details on the Lectros system please take a look at our website www.lectros.com . To buy the system please contact our sales office on 0845 4006666 or e-mail salesdepartment@wykamol.com


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